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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sec. Leila de Lima's appeal why she have been disqualified to be the next Chief Justice of RP

In accordance to the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, the government has to select the new leader of the said department so as to manage it and keep the justice in the Philippines rolling.
Recently, the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) has screened the qualified nominee to be the next Chief Justice of the Philippines as what the president ordered them to do so, thus these people did their best to screen these people to select the most appropriate one.

DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima

One of the nominees to be the next Chief Justice is the Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila De Lima who is also been part of the witness during the impeachment trial to have the chief Justice be impeached. It is so awkward right? But since she is the pet of the President, the JBC let her in.

 But Leila De Lima has been disqualified because of the disbarment case that she is currently having and the funny thing here is that De Lima wants to protest of why she’ve been disqualified. Oh My God look how pathetic this scenario was, it only shows that the reason why she supported, witnessed and influenced the president to have the former chief Justice impeached is just because she wanted to be the Chief Justice instead??!! That is really pathetic!

List of the Official Nominees to be the Next RP Chief Justice

And the funnier thing here is that even the president as malacanang has said that they are disappointed of the short-list that JBC presented them, as they said that disbarment shouldn’t be a valid reason to disqualified a nominee then why they let the JBC do the selection process? Why don’t PNOY just selected his all-of-the-time-favorite-because-this-lady-keeps-on-tracking-former-president-GMA-to-have-her-sued Leila de Lima! Isn’t it so biased that the President of this friggin-I-don’t-know-what’s-the-matter-with nation has favoritism and is breaking his own rule “walang wang-wang” wherein he is the one who is breaking it because he wanted his wants be accomplished, I think he is becoming a dictator.

Oh My God, my dear government you keep on disappointing me! and I am so sorry if I am having this opinion because that’s what an ordinary people see in everything that you are doing. You know what? As long as the day goes, I keep on tracking who are the politicians that we can trust. And I just can count them in my fingers! And I just hope that those almost 13 million people who voted you do not regret of having you as the leader of this country as of the moment.

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