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Monday, August 6, 2012

You Can Shine!

Lately, I have been experiencing one of the most depressing and exigent trials in my life and it comes to the point wherein I am even asking myself "what shall I do now?" because I really don't know what to do as of the moment, things happened out of the blue and I am even not prepared of it.

"Why is this happening to me?" I used to ask my self "Did I do something bad to somebody for I deserve to have this problem?" "Am I so stupid? Why didn't I make it?" I am really depriving my self esteem until I have viewed this Television advertisement on Youtube

and yes, I had some reflection after watching it. I realized "Yes, the old man is right; why do I have to be like others? wherein I can make it on my own" and I realized that as much as there's a will I can always make it and I can Shine just as long as I did my best on it, win or lose just as long as I did my part, then I can consider myself as a winner and with that I know I CAN SHINE definitely. 

so dramatic, right?

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