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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boracay Part 2

The Beautiful Sunset in Boracay

As I have said before (you may see my previous blog We Gora sa Bora (We went to Boracay) ) we were supposed to be four during our first visit to Boracay but unfortunately an unexpected and unavoidable thing happened to one of my peers thus only me and my friend George went there last November and since we will never let that just slipped we booked another trip to Boracay and finally we were complete this time and it all happened during my birthday week: April 1-4 (actually, mine and Paola’s birthday), we spent our birthdays in a 4 days 3 nights stay in one of my favorite place aside from home: BORACAY, in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines.

We haven’t had any personal communication before the trip. It has been 2 weeks since the last time we saw each other, I just sent them a text message of our meeting place and time and ironically I was late. I woke up 7am wherein our meeting time is at 7am (haha my apologies) anyways we still managed to be in the airport before the departure time. Luckily, plane tickets were on me as if not I bet they left me lol

About to depart
We depart Ninoy Aquino International Aiprort 3 around 11:30 a.m. and bounded Kalibo, Aklan after an hour but before we headed to Caticlan Jetty Port we had our lunch there at La Nena’s Litsonan and spent 2 more hours travel by land just to get there and by 4pm we finally landed to the wonderful island of Boracay. We checked in at Faith Village, and the silent and peaceful Ambience is so good.

Henna at Station 3

On our First day, We just walked around. Me and my friend George oriented our friend who has been in boracay for the first time and of course my first agenda is to have my henna tattoo. We spent our super affordable dinner at Mayan Bar in Station 1 and directly went to Coco Mangas Shooter Bar and shared some couple of Illusion Shaker and went home at 2am as we have some activities the day after.

ATV experience
Day 2, We woke up at 8am and went directly to our first stop: ATV ride. We traveled the island in an hour plus the humor of trick house and the extremeness of Sky Cycling in boracay amusement park. Then after we had our lunch, we just had our helmet diving (ooh! I almost die! Forget about it as I still enjoyed it and never got traumatized) and of course the main event parasailing for 20 minutes – you know how I love to be on top! (never go green!) and due to extreme exhaustion we all fell asleep and just woke up for dinner and spent our time at beachfront and sleep right after

Day 3, it’s my birthday and it is swimming day! After we had our super affordable Bulalo lunch at Liz Bar we spent the rest of our day by swimming and the night by going to Club Parau and Guilly’s Island to enjoy. We headed by 1am and George came by 4am such a flirtie! Lol

Day 4, our last day L but we still managed to swim and enjoyed the sun plus the clear not so salty water. And prepare ourselves for leaving

We left Boaracay by 3pm and during that moment I feel 2 different emotions. Sad because after this day my life will go back to normal again work-home-study but Happy because boracay brings me relief of stress I am longing to have

I might be leaving this paradise now however we all decided that we’ll all come back to Boracay soon as if it’ll be a habbit! Yahoo! J       


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