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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to me :)

Picture from The Candy Perfume Boy

My Birthday was last April 3, and actually when the year 2013 just started one of my fear is to have my birthday, sounds weird right? but it seems like I am really getting old and now, I know how does older people feel whenever they're having their birthdays as if it is a combination of happiness and fear somehow.

Happiness as they just had their birthdays! they were given another year in this life and fear that they're getting old yet there are lots of things that they wanted to do and it seems like time is so fast and will really never allow them to do those things in an instant.

But I still thank God that he really made my day so very special. There are lots of people who greeted my that day who wishes me good luck on my career, a good health and especially love life (this has been their wish for a long time, then why it is not happening yet??? lol) and aside from that I celebrated my whole birth day with my friends who has been so close to my heart and that happens to one of my favorite places (aside from HOME) here in the Philippines ----- BORACAY!!! (gonna blog that soon)

Though I am getting old and success in career and in love life seems cannot be seen yet, I still wanted to thank God for letting me realize that in my existence I have gained a lot of friends who is always there for me (though they're hurting me sometimes choz!), that he had showered me blessings and never let us down, and of course for giving me a wonderful though not that Ideal family who is always there waiting for me to get home, supports me 100% in all of my endeavors and love me unconditionally.

So Happy Birthday to me :)

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