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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Be sensitive for the benefit respect

It is already summer vacation and there are a huge numbers of interns in our company since last week. And because I am one of the seniors now in our respective area, I should be one of those who’ll train these interns.

Actually, there are four seniors in our field; our supervisor. Our head who holds the most urgent and busiest area. The other one for the most subtle area, whilst I was designated for the most broad but non pressing area. (I just describe the area so for better understanding and also for my privacy tooJ).

There will be four interns that will be exposed for three days in our department wherein two will be assigned in the office and two in our quarter. The first batch of interns done good; I remembered that I was the one who train this dean’s lister and a candidate for cum laude of one of the most prestigious school in our country in terms of medicine courses and it’s an honor for me to put a contribution to his learning’s as he also tell me “Thank you sir, I’ve learned a lot of new information from you” wherein I feel very much respected.

The next batch of interns are also good although there are times when I have to ask for help from my subordinates to explaining things for them as I’m not in the same field, I mean I have an idea but it’s not enough to give them a good erudition.

Due to the busyness of my other associates, I am the one who supervised these interns and so far so good but not with the last one I handled.

I was late the last time and thank you to our head for supervising the interns while I’m not in. I saw them doing one of the easiest things in the area and when our head saw me “Please take over sir” she told me then I just nod. I know she’s busy and I should really be the one who’s supervising them.

I saw this intern doing one of the most difficult products of the company and I told her “you shouldn’t be doing that” I told her but what’s done is done “Just finished it and I’ll give you another products okay?” I just said while she’s just looking at me and listening “If you didn’t get it after 30 minutes, just stop it and approach me, okay?” she nod, so I thought everything’s okay so I supervised the other intern.

“Sir, it’s been 45 minutes; shall I stop her from doing this?” one of our subordinate told me; I saw that he was approached by the interns for that issue

“Yes, I’ll just repeat the testing later” I told him, so my subordinate tell the intern to stop it but instead of stopping the machine the intern go to our head and tell her what’s going on instead.

I was staggered. Why’d she never listened to me? What does she want to imply? Why does she have to go to our head to ask for the same thing while I just told her what to do? I do know every aspect of the field and I wouldn’t be one of the seniors if I don’t know it all anyway. I feel so insulted. I don’t know if it just me but I am so insulted of what that intern just did.

“You should stop the machine once it exceeds thirty minutes!” I heard our head told her “Sir!” the head called me “Didn’t you tell her what to do?” she asks me

“I just did! I just don’t know why she didn’t listen to me and why she has to approach you by the way” my sarcastic answer with my unstoppable mouth

“He’s one of the superiors here, you should listen to him. We all know what to do in every case here” our head told her

I stopped supervising that intern. It’s not that I don’t want her to learn things; I endorsed her to the other seniors anyway. It’s just that I don’t want to train people who doesn’t want to be train by me.
Then one time that intern approached me.

“Sir, Sir Jay ar (The superior I endorsed her with) is asking if there’s anything you want me to do?” she told me, and it seems like she wants me to train her now.

“Ask Mary(The name of the head) instead” I just told her, since she always depends on her, only her.

Then I just heard her calling the other seniors without respectful address as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ but Jay ar and Mary only.

I tell the entire thing to our supervisor. I want her to tell all the interns to pay respect to every single employee of the company. Yes! I am a nurse and I’m not that appropriate for my position but I never obtain it if I do not deserve it anyway, I should be respected!

I am a nurse but we are all trained to be competitive and accountable in every aspect.

I am a nurse and I was trained to know people first before I interact with them 

and since I am a nurse I’m proud to say that at least we are trained to pay respect each and every employee of the institution we are dealing with even those who’s having the lowest profession.

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