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Monday, April 11, 2011

Please be a real Filipino!

 I’ve been in trinoma to buy my outfit for our get away soon J, I actually decided to go there after work and luckily, no massive traffic was on my way. I am just alone, I’m used to it… I prefer going shopping alone so that no one would bother me; I can go any boutique I wanted and there will be no confusions regarding my taste of fashion.

I get there by 5pm and I was done by 6:30pm, I really rushing myself because tomorrow will be a very busy day and I need to have a long rest to make my day perfect and carefree and so I just did.

So it’s six thirty and I need to ride an fx-taxi for me to get home easily, I can’t afford to wait for a bus; I’m very much sure that I have to wait for too long before I could ride one and for sure it’ll be full and I have to stand until I got home. So I went into the malls’ terminal to ride a transportation.

It’s been a scheme of my destinations manager to have each passenger fall in line while waiting for the fx/van and when I got payed, I just saw the long line waiting for me. I never been in this long line before but not now, so I have to fall in line and wait for my turn to get in the van/fx; I really don’t have any choice by the way.

he counted us all as only 15 can get in the first fx-taxi and the next numbers will have to wait for the next one. Then the cab came in and the driver opened the door of the cab, the line was moving, I’m in number 13 so I was supposed to be one of the first passengers but not when people form our back ran and get in the car throughly, 

Me and those who came in the line first did not get the ride and unfortunately we will have to wait for another one. We even complain “Nauna kame manong dito e’ (We came here first!)” but the driver just said “Nagulat din ako (I was also surprised!)” then one of us said “anu silbi ng pila dito? (What’s the use of falling in line?)” but most of us gave our patience and wait for the next cab and with that I was able to get in.

I was mad then. I’m not mad just because I really need that ride. I am mad because these people who fall in line are filipinos and these people lacks discipline and fairness.

When I got home, I’ve watched the news and It says that Japan was striked by another earthquake again accopanying a tsunami, but thankfuly, it is not as worst as before. Then it has been stated by the news that the country is now lacking of fuels but people do fall in line to get some of it even they have to wait there for a day or two due to a very long line. Then they’re also lacking of foods and supplies but people tends to fall in line waiting for their turn, hoping that they could get some of it. Now, Look how disciplined japanese are.

Then I wonder; what if it all happened here in philippines? (The earthquake? The tsunami? The fuel, food and supplies shortage?) I’m pretty sure that there will be no lines but jam-packed-stampede-like situation and If that happens, then I can now conclude what is like to be a filipino.

It’s not that I’m insulting every filipino. I am a filipino! but it seems like we are all doing certain things to make us not proud to be called one.

The filipino culture is really gone out. Education is’nt only applied in your school. Mannerism is’nt only applied in stricted area, Conduct is’nt only applied to your parents, discipline is’nt only for military classes and fairness is’nt only to beg for the government.

We always rallying and asking government for some fairness but come to think of it. It shall always start within us. Then everyone will follow. Please be a real filipino!

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