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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feeling betrayed again

I was shocked when I checked my e-mail yesterday and found an entry from my closest friend Pia (not her real name of course and she is the one from the Feeling betrayed entry). I thought it was just a spam message that scattered in my inbox and I actually deleted it but hurriedly get things back when I had a glance of the first sentence of the mail

“Andrew, suko na talaga ako” (Andrew, I gave up!)

Luckily there’s a trash folder in the account so I have retrieved the mail which was actually a letter…
Ikaw ang may kasalanan nito e. (This is all your fault!)…says the next line, I know she is not mad at me, she is just telling me that I started things which she is lament for now.
Ang sabi mo kasi sa akin makipag ayos na ako e para hindi ako magsisi pero parang mas nagsisi ako ng makihalubilo ulit ako sa kanila… asan ba sila ngayon? Iniignore na nila ko… sa lahat ng hiningan ko ng tulong ikaw lang naramdaman ko ng willingness kahit alam kong hirap ka din ngayun… bakit ba kasi nabubuhay pa ang mga taong katulad nila? Ayoko na talaga drew! Suko na ako… ikaw na ang bahala para hindi ako maging dehado at ikaw narin ang bahalang umunawa sakin.

(you told me to get things back again but it seems like I regret that I had any involvement with them again… where are them all now? They’ve been ignoring me… you are the only people who shows willingness and compassion to help me though I know that you need help to…  what’s the reason why these people live? I wanted to stop drew! I really gave up… I hope you can take all things for me so I won’t be messed and I hope you understand me too)

I suddenly mesmerized, yeah Pia is now trying to get her friendship backs with our other friends but lately, she lost her job because of misunderstanding and she is asking for reimbursement of debt that our friends borrowed from her long time ago, but instead of sympathizing with her they never replied and was never answering her calls, text and any other means of communication she did.

I think I was clearly wrong on what our other friends did to Pia, I am so recklessly disappointed with what they did as I cannot find any reason why they did that wherein they could tell Pia that they cannot pay at all because of this or that or blah blah blah

I just told Pia that she must take a little time to rest and not to think of them, not to see them and never get in touch with them as what they just did only means that they are ending your good friendships. I just told her to take her time until she has the soundest mind to determine if she will forgive them or not.

Pia has a new job now (thank God!) she is now a director of a distributing company for medicines and I just heard that when Pia managed the company it is then awarded as the number one distributor in the Philippines and because of that she is earning huge amount though she just stayed to that company for only six months now.

I am glad that everything with Pia is going okay despite of all the betrayal she felt to the people whom she thought can’t do it to her.

I salute Pia, she never even brags that she is now on top to those people who left her behind.

While I criticize our friends who just left her hanging in times she needs it the most. Who are just there when they needed something from her, I just wonder how they sleep at night peacefully knowing that they made someone’s life miserable… well I’m gonna leave it all with KARMA, I know this will teach them good lessons and realizations of what they  just did. I also wonder how they react about the news how Pia is soaring now.

And for all the other people who have friends… Yes, there is no perfect friend, but please try to be one…   

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