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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Congratulations Ms. Philippines

Miss Universe Logo of H.O.M.E

Maybe it’s too late but I still want to extend my appreciation to Ms. Tugonon for making us proud of our own Filipino-authentic beauty.

It has been 3 consecutive years since Ms. Philippines is bagging places on yearly beauty pageant Ms. Universe as recently, Ms. Jeanine Togonon the representative of the Philippines to the said beauty pageant placed 2nd to that 2012 Miss Universe Pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

I really thought that Ms. Philippines wouldn’t be in Top 15 as she was called last and the rest has became in favor of her.
from epbites

The answer to her question in the Question and Answer portion makes the Filipino crowd proud as she tremendously gave the best answer for it.

But then 4th Runner up were called which was happen to be Ms. Brazil, Ms. Australia for the 3rd runner up and Ms. Venezuela for the 2nd runner up and there it goes two of them left Ms. USA and Ms. Philippines and I really thought that she will win, as her answer is way better than the Ms. USA, In my opinion but Ms. USA were later called to be the Miss Universe 2012 and Ms. Philippines ended up 1st runner up.

Not bad though, she still makes the whole nation proud though it’s a close fight that is why there are judges and we are not all judges.

Let us be proud of her and thank her that she did a really outstanding job of showing to every nation that Filipinos are beautiful, stunning and damn intelligent in any aspects.

The question here is that: by next year will Philippines finally have its Miss Universe Title again? The last one I think was last 1969? What do you think? hmmmmmm 

Jeanine Tugonon during the Swimwear
by missosology
Jeanine During the National Costume
by Time Style
The Question and Answer Portion by emirates

The moment of truth, Ms. USA bags the Miss Universe Title by philstar

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