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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I So Hate my Work Schedule

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are the one that I considered the best days to rest. Sunday is a very peaceful day and for me it is the best day to rest after going to the church. Monday is also a great day for me to stay at home because usually Mondays are rush hour, there are lots of commuters plus the heavy traffic awts and of course I so love the Saturdays as it is the best time to hang out with friends: going to the mall, have a sleep over or better yet get drunk at the club! Hell yeah! And I used to have these three or if not, even two of them as my rest days and now, they’re all gone on my list.

Three months ago I have received my so called permanent schedule of Thursday to Monday and it is from 10pm to 7am so meaning to say my day offs are from Tuesday to Wednesdays and that I have to go to work during my favorite days: Saturday-Sunday-Monday. And according to my boss “that is your permanent schedule”

Okay, I thought everything will just remain the same. I should be thankful though because it is still two rest days and that I will get use to it. Everything seems to be okay at first but after three months I am now having second thought If I can still hold on due to the following reasons

1. It is night time and I supposed to be sleeping during at night. I thought that it will be easy because I am use to sleep late, but I was wrong. I think it's better to have an occasional shifting schedule thus, there are times I could feel that I am a normal person. haha

2. It is hard to sleep in the morning! I use to sleep with lights off but during daytime yeah! Lights were off but every part of the room is bright because of the sun

3. If it is nighttime in the Philippines it is daytime in USA and of course people will call us during their daytime and hell yeah it is queuing!

4. I can still go to the church during Sundays after work but I cannot concentrate, my eyes wants to shut during the mass and I really wanted to sleep after my tiring and soooo stressful job

5. I am having hard time to look for a chance to go back to school again. Saturday is usually the schedule of classes for graduate student but I have works during Saturday and that is actually the reason why I can’t enroll to CPTE this sem though I freakingly wanted to L

6. My friends! I miss my friends! We only have limited time to meet because of course I have to sleep before my shift. Their schedule is for normal people, while mine is for monsters :D

7. my day off’s are boring! Imagine. What are you supposed to do during weekdays? Bars are closed during these days

8. and worst! I can’t go have fun at night! Imagine, bars are usually close during these days and if they’re open there will only be few people and it’ll be dull. And my friends cannot go with me by Tuesday or Wednesday night because they cannot stay late at night as they will be having work the day after.

So please! I wanted to be normal! Give me the best schedule please! I am begging you! lolz 

But seriously, at this point I really don't know up until when I can still go on. I love what I am doing. I just hate my schedule! Period with exclamation point.

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