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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thanks for the Photo tweakyourbiz

Since I am working in an International Company, Time isn't the same with what we are having here in the Philippines thus I spent my Christmas in the office. 

I am looking forward to this day since then, I always wonder if I could handle the sorrow of thinking that it'll be a lot better if I am home spending dinner together with my love ones but I am doing this for them and I just thought that there will be more Christmas we could spend next time and there it goes though finding a transportation going to work is so hard that makes me think-that-i-shouldn't-go-but-I-still-did-because-I-gave-a-word-to-my-boss I still manage to come though I was an hour late haha

my first break is 12am and as I stood up from my office chair and look at the window a nice and colorful set of fireworks welcomes me with Christmas and then everybody seems to greet each other with "Merry Christmas" and they're exchanging gifts too. I also greeted my friends of course I just don't have a gift for them.

and then, we spent our dinner after and I think that would be the highlight of the night they at least make me forget my longiness for home that day and exchange it with laughter and nice stories plus my boss just introduced us to the newest part of the team (oh my! I am one of the team's pioneer and these people are the 4th batch that my boss added on our team! It seems like I am old na tuloy!)

but as I was going home I have been lonely again and that's not because I am still sad as I am missing home, i am actually excited that I am finally going home... maybe this loneliness is because I am still SMP (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko) for 23 years!! lolz

Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

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