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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Manny Pacquaio will still be a Filipino Pride

Credits to Tahoe South

The roads are almost empty when I hit it as I went out of the office last Sunday, December 9, 2012. But it is not as this clear during Sundays, I can still remember that during Sundays there are still a lot of buses and jeepneys though they’re not that full unlike the ordinary days and I suddenly realized that that day was actually the airing of the Pacquaio – Marquez Round 4 fight. Imagine the 2 hours travel I used to take before just to get home cuts to an hour and It is so hustle free, no traffics at all and this is what I call an Ideal life! Lolz

I really can feel the excitement for every Filipinos to witness this alleged fight. It has been talk of the town and banners and so as the live streaming posters were scattered everywhere. But to be honest with you I have this prediction that Manny will lose and I never pay any attention to it, I just killed myself doing stuffs at the net and have a long sleep.

As I woke up my sister updates me with it and my prediction is correct but I never thought that Manny will be defeated that way. I think this is the first time or if not this is the first time that I have heard Manny has been defeated by a knock out and it all happens during the 6th round.

I commend Marquez that he was able to defeat and knock down Manny Pacquaiao. But  I also commend Manny, We all know how much you wanted to win that fight and that you still did your best and we know that. Just don’t mind those critics who’s telling you your faults I know that you even didn’t want to lose that game, and winning is not always the indicative of victory. You are still the champ for all Filipinos. We are still here to support you no matter what.

And just remember that there’s only JUAN (Marquez) who knock Manny down. But how many boxers have been knocked down by you? = MANNY (Pacquaiao). 

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