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Thursday, July 23, 2009

ALCHEMIST Inc. The Student Coaching Team (Part 1)

Before we comply with the Boards of course we must enter the scene of Review… but whenever I hear the word review… I always utter “Am I ready for it?”
Because being a nursing student aint easy as guge work load really make our days bad. Case Output for every duty, Thesis, Case Presentation are just one of the example thus we are very tired with the notion that it could bring… we want to take a rest. Something that would make us urge to study harder… but it wasn’t granted anymore thus, we are being exploited to the scene of Review.

July 11, 2009 Saturday.. I arrived 8:08 a.m kinda late but what’s new? I’m a 3-I and it’s our trademark haha.. gotta get some chairs at the new building with my friends as no chairs are available as it is occupied by students… and then when we arrived at the BulSU-Hostel the program starts…

The spokesperson Mr. Jayvee gives us some thoughts and those thoughts gone wide… I suddenly realize that this is not a review yet. It is an introduction before we do reviewing…

The seminar flows…

What are your expectations?
They let us write our own opinions and expectations with the seminar.

What are your commitments?
Anu nga ba? It us very important matter, that we must commit with this seminar to make up our minds suitably.

Who are you?
We shall know who are we. So we could start knowing what we are not and start to fulfill it all

-we are then group according to our birthdays from January to December and so we did. We are grouped into two as each will be partners until the end of the review.

And as we count from 1 to 10 we will find our groupmates
Apples of my and their eyes?

We are formed into circles with our groupmates and share what they admire on each of us and share it to everyone

How we define ourselves? So on and so forth…

Heroes and Heroin…
Are those who motivates us. As they really expect something from us

This will set our priorities of do’s and don’ts to achieve our maximum capacities

And then, Life Mapping must be made… of course it is an opportunity for 3-I to make it all together as possible…

is about our dreams in life as complies with the scenario…

Then, we met Sir Andrei… a staff of the alleged group and

After a week we are task to present our Life Map and unfortunately, I was chosen by my groupmates as we don’t have any choice at all. And so the thing went so crazy….

And thru the seminar we all realize that we should really initiate our urge to success. Flowery words are very nourishing and motivating and it really reminds us that we should aim the highest as much as possible and it is very enriching.

We are now build up. I can say it. I was inspired by Alchemist inspiring words… I know we all aim high and pressure suddenly drops.

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