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Monday, July 6, 2009

PMART Review : Are we ready?

BSN 4th year students are all terrified when they heard the news that the initiation of PMART Review (BuLSU-CON Official Reviewer) will be last Saturday and Sunday (July 4 and 5 2009 respectively) who’s with strange cause deferred. But inspite of that certain questions remains in my mind. What would happen in the first day of the review? Do we have to scan our notes from first year then? Or chiefly: Are we really ready for the Review?

It’s almost a dream come true for seniors like us to enter the review scene as it only implies that we are being trained to make it to the top, but suddenly when the first day of the review is coming we now feel the pressure, the intense and the future.

Maybe, it’s just we always see ourselves like those who we often see nowadays. Students are scattered down the corridor, some chats, some are sleeping and most of them are memorizing, preparing themselves for their turn in their return demonstrations. But now, we are here after all those extreme efforts we are now in the stove of learning to be cooked by specialist, reviewer chefs so we’ll end on our institution, courteously and intelligent enough to face the world.

Maybe the postponement of our Diagnostic Examination is only a sign that we must be ready now, we must accept that within 9 months, we might have our diplomas in our hands and wave goodbye with our friends… that some will go on and some will choose another path. We are fourth year, and we must take it so seriously… for a dream only two step closer.

For my dear 3-I, although we never made it right there together. We must do our best to show them, who we are… that we are 3-I and we are very undisputed, that we are 3-I and we can make though we are apart.

We can make it on the Review, we must aim the highest score, and so as into the board exam. Because 3-I is the most intelligent section and 3-I is an asset of BulSU-CON.

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