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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

I am really expecting to watch this film as early as it can be. Its been june when I was informed that it’ll be shown on July 15 and as much as possible I wanted to watch the alleged movie on that day but I cant. Diagnostic Exam just refined and I have a huge work to do and so I informed the gang that we should watch it on the forth coming Saturday but unfortunately the days went on. The Alchemist Seminar extends and it’s been getting dark and the gang does not have enough energy to fulfill my desires.

Days passed and everyone were busy until Friday providentially came. Classes were suspended and so we seize the moment top watch the film we’ve been longing for and so as me, Honey and Chi went on the samecinema and really enjoyed the show. (Mariel watched itearlier! So selfish! Jerick as usual is K.J.. em is on her duty etc. etc) but the best thing with that we enjoyed while they did not.. WAHAHAHAHAHHA!!

HP-half blood prince is kinda dramatic one among the other, asProfessor Dumbledore died and it seems like the real story would just begun as harry will be now fully independent and will show his own capabilities. Effects are terrific and stunning and it is better than the others.. Full of twist and emotions

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