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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

June 2009 Board Exam Results

As the recipient of the pressure of the fine performance of the first batch the enduring students must handle, take and overcome the strain that would be a burden for them since then.

Passers of 94% and 89% from the June and November 2008 takers respectively must be maintained to enhance the good image of the institution.
The June 2009 Board Exam results have been revealed and it informs that our school got 80% passing rate and is rank 13 among 100 and more examinees. Well, congratulations for those who’ve passed and for those who did not, we offer our warm empathy.

Batch 2009 did not defeat the previous one but we all know that they really gave their maximum performance and effort just to maintain the honor of the University so they did.

The fact really risen up the intense here, as if Instructors were expecting and motivating our bacth (2010) to make it through. But the question is: Can we sustain the good record of the school? or even better than that? Can we ever defeat those who just handled us in duties during their leadership training? Can we make it with them whom we used to consider as our brothers and sisters?

The pressure may rise but we must keep in our eager young minds that we can really make it through! Because we will give it all for better! Aim high my fellow future nurses! Aim high my dear 3-I because our goal is very constant: TO PASS and TOP the BOARD EXAM!

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