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Monday, July 27, 2009

Diagnostic Examination

After tring our minds in PRC training we are layed down for Diagnosic Exam and it's not just an ordinary Exam, it is more brutal than the board exam (as what they say) as it compromise 6 subjects with a hundred items each and will only run for an hour each.

The first Exam given is the Fundamentals of Nursing followed by Pediatric Nursing and fortunately we are dismissed for lunch for only 40 minutes (see how brutal it was? hehe) and then Community health nursing, Bioethics, Pharmacology for Nursing and Communicable disease followed next.

To tell you the truth. we didnt review prior to the exam not because we are confident enough. actually, we found the exam extremely hard but we wanted to asses our knowldege. What are my strongest subject? and what is my weaker one? where i should focus more? and where can i say that i exel??? not bragging...

We are longing for the result of the alleged exam. As we want to determine answers to our questions. we want to conquer our weaknesses and maintain our assets because we all know that are goal is to PASS AND TOP THE June 2009 BOARD Exam

Now, the pressure adds up... Diagnostic Exam is done and after that certain exam for reviews will come until we got into the point of ultimate battle. the board exam.

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