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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Beautiful Mind

For someone who’s never had mental illness it may be hard to imagine and understand what life would be like for someone who does. A BEAUTIFUL MIND is a perfect example of film starring Russel Crowe will surely soothe mind and heart of every people who will witness it not because it is a good movie but because it is a true to life story and occurs beyond doubt.

Apparently, A BEAUTIFUL MIND is based on the life of John Forbes Nash Jr. who is a mathematically genius who made a great discovery while attending at University of Princeton. It is sidetracked by many prob;ems, but fights back and eventually prevails in the end. The movie leads the viewer on to the belief that Nash’s visions are real. Later, I discover that he is diagnosed with Paranoid Schizoprenia. Through his anguish, I gain knowledge with it. It affects every component of your life and for those who are close to you.

It is very interesting in the eye of the public. Although, it’s an exceptional story because Nash, unlike the most of us received prestigious Nobel Prize hence many universal aspects of illness are there. The viewer gets a firsthand look at how ordinary perceptions turn into horrifying nightmares. We can understand how hard it is to recognize brain malfunctioning. Nash is the one who realizes that his tortures are coming from within his mind rather than from the outside world. The film shows the devastation of schizophrenia cause in person’s life the terror living through psychotic experiences that are so real, the agony it causes him and his love ones and the struggles involved in his recovery.

For those who are not knowledgeable with mental disorders the film will surely let them know what it is like. The reality shows in it and the emotional aspects varies of what it takes to have one. Nash is a very strong person and so as those people who surround him. They never tolerated the symptoms of the disease as much as possible and so Nash lives went as fine as it could be. Schizophrenia is an irreversible disease and that’s the very sad truth about it. But it never serves as a barrier for him to go on and live and later on to have a Nobel Prize no one can do so easily.

“A Beautiful Mind” is truly a masterpiece of acting, directing, and writing. While scenes of Nash’s breaking down may be too intense for young children, it is perfect therapy for anybody searching for inspiration. It provides truth that people can and often do get better. After watching the movie I left happier, lighter and less desperate, with the realization that there’s truly no reason why hope should cease. Certainly. The subtle message being taught is that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” While “A Beautiful Mind” doesn’t come right out and say it as such, this film is certainly one of the most spiritual I’ve encountered. It serves as an excellent choice for anyone who believes that one should never stop wishing, hoping, and praying for healing.

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